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Primary School

A few years ago we launched our bespoke Primary Schools Programme for Year 5 and 6 students! The programme was a great success across the West Midlands and we would love to visit your pupils and get excited about all things healthcare!

As with all everything we offer, the sessions are free and designed to complement the national curriculum! See below for the round-robin of activities involved in our workshop.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

The two main activities are:

  1. Defining the concept of 'wellbeing' and 'mental health'

  2. Role-playing with our volunteers how to talk to peers about their mental health


Learning objectives, adapted from the National Science Curriculum:​

  • Understand that mental health is as important as physical health  

  • To recognise that feelings and thoughts can change in intensity and range over time 

  • To recognise that anyone can suffer from poor mental health but that most difficulties benefit from support and help 

  • To recognise signs of poor mental health and make suggestions for improvement - general life changes and speaking to an adult 

Asthma Explained

This activity gets pupils connecting their science lessons to illnesses and medicines. Students will be introduced to asthma with an interactive exercise to help them think about how breathing changes in different situations, and we continue by discussing asthma and its treatment.


Learning objectives:

  • To identify and name the main parts of the respiratory system 

  • To explain what makes breathing easier or harder  

  • To describe some of the symptoms of asthma  

  • To begin to understand how asthma might be treated and how we can help someone having an asthma attack 

Healthy Eating

This activity is a whistle-stop tour of the major food groups and the idea of a balanced diet. Students are tasked with filling in the BWAMS dinner plate to make sure our volunteers have a healthy dinner.

​Learning objectives:

  • To recognise the way diet impacts on bodily function 

  • To begin to understand how nutrients and water are transported in the body 

Emergency Action

Unfortunately, there may be occasions where students may need to access the help of emergency services. This activity guides students through common, but appropriate, emergencies and considers how we might seek help.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the process of getting help  

  • To understand when to get an adult  

  • To understand the process of 999 calls 

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