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Introducing Our 2020/21 Committee

BWAMS has a new committee for the upcoming academic year!

President: Halimah Khalil

Secretary: Nawal Treasurer: Adeolu Banjoko

Lead Outreach Officer: Dru-Lawson Short

Outreach Officers: Efua Abankwa and Kramer Chall

Primary School Outreach Officer (Dr. Me lead): Ayesha Ahmed

Publicity Officer: Vaibhi Dua

Dr.eam Senior Conference Chair: Gobeka Ponniah

Dr.eam Junior Conference Chair: Louise Griffin

Dr.eam Big Conference Chair: Ria Shemar

Conference Officers: Alya Khashaba, Gar-Mun Lau, Kirandeep Kaur, Anita Anilkumar

Lead Research Officer: Kirsty Morrison

Research Officer: Alex Lawson

Dental Officer: Golasa Sheikh Akbari

Graduate Entry Medicine Officer: Kane Thomas

Pre-Clinical Events Officer: Zaiba Abid

Youtube Officer: Semilore Adebayo

Youtube Officer In-Training: Kiran Khamb

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