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Dentistry Example Personal Statement 1 - Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, QMUL

This personal statement was used by a current dental student to apply to dental school at: the University of Birmingham, the University of Bristol, University of Liverpool, and Queen Mary University of London. The applicant received interviews and then offers from all 4 dental schools!

Remember, this personal statement is not 'perfect' - none ever will be! Each medical school is looking for something different. Be careful not to plagiarise personal statements you read online - UCAS will detect this.

There are blank lines in this statement for readability. We do not recommend leaving lines blank when you submit your personal statement on UCAS.

I have always wanted to work in a clinical and caring profession; I believe that the ability to help and heal patients is one of the greatest honours anyone can have. To discover the range and scope of dentistry, I embarked on several work experience placements during which I shadowed a variety of different dentists including practice owners, associates in an NHS high street practice and an oral surgeon in a Maxillofacial department. These experiences gave me the opportunity to watch dentists carry out procedures from simple scale and polishes, to amalgam fillings and impacted wisdom teeth extractions. In the hospital, I was given the opportunity to practise suturing skills, using a glove stretched over a plastic cup to mimic the gum, with a suture needle and thread. Performing this task in a clinical environment was an unparalleled experience and allowed me to appreciate the technical skills and dexterity required in dentistry. Through my work experience, I recognised the importance of good communication between practitioner and patient. In every practice I visited, I was impressed by the skilful way each clinician explained the treatment plan, outlining different options and enabling their patient to make an informed choice about their care. The dentists I met taught me that their vocation requires a diverse set of skills including meticulous dexterity, management and teamwork. This summer I took part in an international science research course during which I learned instrumental research and laboratory skills.

In my opinion, the art of good communication is a lifelong endeavour. Studying Theatre Studies to A level has taught me to analyse the way I interact and to consider holistically the way others communicate with me, particularly in terms of analysing both their vocal and non-verbal communication. Through the LAMDA award scheme I have learnt the invaluable skill of conversing and interacting with people of all ages, from all walks of life, which is an ability that will help me become a sensitive and empathic clinician.

Having been involved with youth leadership for 3 years, I have recently been chosen as the deputy leader of our local branch of a religious international youth movement, which is a recognition of my contribution over the last few years. This role has taught me skills and techniques that will be invaluable in the consulting room. Through this position, I have learned methods of managing and communicating with children who have challenging behaviour. My responsibilities have included team-building, motivating others, problem solving and working with parents of the children. I have also acquired the skill of dealing with sensitive situations, where discretion and confidentiality have been paramount. Earlier this year I was absolutely delighted to complete the highest level of the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme programme. Climbing is a fascinating sport which encompasses physical strength, manual dexterity, planning and teamwork. When a climber faces a wall they need to show determination, flexibility and effective communication. My manual dexterity has been refined over the years as I have repeatedly practised the many intricate knots with which climbers must be familiar.

I am applying for a deferred place to study Dentistry as I plan to use my year off to study and work abroad. The year is comprised of several elements, starting with living in a deprived community. Here I will volunteer with families, help in soup kitchens, as well as teach English and work with the elderly. I will then undertake an internship relevant to my future dentistry career. The final component will be volunteering with the local Red Cross and becoming a certified first responder. I am excited not just at the thought of the year ahead, but of the skills I will learn that I can bring to my future profession. I am full of both eagerness and determination to meet the challenges that I know dentistry will present.

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